Monday, September 19, 2011

Special Guest Blogger: Things I Never Thought I Would Say to My Three Year Old

In February, our household grew exponentially, with the addition of my step-son, daughter in law, three year old Tristan, and one year old Colleen, two extra cats (making a total of FOUR four legged felines!) and a partridge in a pear tree. Life sure has changed, but I wouldn't trade it for the world!!! I am enjoying being a mum-mum of having a is a special guest blog by Tim....enjoy!!

When I was growing up I was told many things by my mother. Don’t touch the hot stove, don’t run with scissors, and stop making that face, or it will stick that way. On average I would have to say that most kids have heard that, or similar things as they were growing up. Those phrases heard through out your childhood, are what I consider a staple in our society; the very things I expected to be saying to my children.

 After many years my wife and I produced a child, a boy to be exact. Tristan is his name, and is very much like I was when I was a child. Doing the exact opposite of what you tell him to do, among a variety of other activities. Some activities are more dangerous than others obviously, but now I’m just rambling, on to the point.

One day I came into the living room from the kitchen to find my son on all fours trailing behind one of my cats. Much to my dismay, he had his nose right in the rear end of the cat. Of course you can imagine what ensued after that. Yep you guessed it “Get your nose out of the cats butt.” I said to him. He then looked up at me and asked,” Why? The cats smell each others butts.” I responded by telling him,” You’re not a cat.” We went back and forth for a few minutes then, I realized… I was arguing with a three year old. I quickly reminded him who was boss and told him that if he did it again he’d get a time out for it.

That was the beginning of a long line of things; I never thought I’d have to say to my three year old.

Timothy Louis is a 10 year Air Force veteran who recently relocated to the Newfoundland, PA area and is pursuing his Bachelor's Degree in Engineering. His essay "Things I Never Thought I Would Say to My Three Year Old" is a special to the Counseling Corner Blog. Hopefully it will become a regular feature!


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